How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies

There was a time when fat on the body was considered healthy and people are not searching for how to lose two pounds a week. A person is recognized as having a solid financial background and living happily ever after. Then came the era of the leaner body, which was quite appealing to all, especially females of that time. The slim and intelligent trend followed with this, and it became quite common to both genders and even has grasped the attention of people of all ages.

Currently, people follow various diet plans for different reasons. Some want to commercialize themselves by appearing on media and different channels, while others do it solely for health purposes. There are hundreds of diet plans and weight loss programs that promise quick results with the dramatic end product. However, there can be several scams floating around too. Apart from diet plans, many exercises promise the same result within the given time frame.

The weight loss industry is highly full of stories and myths. Various strategies have no evidence as backup, whereby still, people are advised to follow it like crazy. However, recently few tricks and techniques have resulted positively. Many people want to shed pounds like crazy, which is not advisable by anyone.

The best is to do so gradually. Here the question arises as to how many pounds are best to reduce every week? The answer is straightforward, two pounds. So now we will analyze how to lose two pounds a week is achieved. But before we move on, let us see what initial setup you need to start the process.

Initial Set Up: 8 Unbeatable Strategies

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 9

Before starting, keep few things in mind, such as it takes a long to achieve the result. The biggest struggle in starting the weight loss program is the amount of information given everywhere on the internet. Many can find it overwhelming and confusing to choose. There are various strategies to follow depending on the length of the program, so given below are some startup things you need to keep in mind.

1. The very first thing to do is take measurements and examine your body well:

Go to a doctor and have a complete checkup for any diseases or any arising problems due to the weight loss program. Always be prepared for any setbacks and changes in goals but never give up. Commit to the schedule you are following as you cannot achieve the target in just a few days. Make sure you are asking the right questions to your doctor and keep a log of it. Talk to your doctor if you cannot satisfy yourself with the given questions.  When you are ready, set goals, stay committed, and start the plan.

2. Buy a weighing scale:

It is recommended that you step on the scale twice a week, but it is not necessary to show you the desired result. Remember, weight loss is a long-term achievement, so make sure you work hard for it. Set the targeted goals and eat accordingly.

3. Motivate Yourself:

How to lose two pounds a week

How to lose two pounds a week is straightforward. Your inner drive to lose weight will help you a lot. It is advised that you keep track of your weight loss by the size of clothes you wear. So before starting a program, make a list of what is important to you. Ideally, keep a smaller size as motivation to fit in clothes, which can often stop you from visiting the pantry. Take the help of a friend or an associate who advises you to do the best. If nothing works, then the doctor is the best choice for weekly or monthly visits.

4. Set Realistic Goals:

Setting goals is easy. But setting realistic goals is not. Think about the possible process and outcome. For example, if you need to lose 1000 calories per day, then cutting down fried foods and snacks is an ideal way to do it. Keep in mind shedding too many pounds might create cardiac problems so go steady. Other chronic diseases might follow, so be cautious.

5. Exercise Routine:

Before starting any weight loss technique, keep in mind that you are losing tissues and bone density if you opt for weight loss through diet. At the same time, exercise will give you desired results. It stimulates muscle growth and increases bone density in your body. So chose what you want to do. Additionally, you would have a more muscular physique with better stamina. You can buy a gym membership or purchase weight loss equipment.

6. Limit the Pantry:

The next point to consider is how to lose two pounds a week is to limit your pantry. Buy food items that are healthy and keep a full stack required only for fifteen days. It will help you keep track of your weight and determine your mood regarding what you eat and how you feel about it. You can discuss all symptoms with your consultant.

7. Update your Healthy Lifestyle:

Intelligent people who succeed with their target have a stronger mind and are always ready to change their lifestyle. It is better to change perspectives so that your hard work does not go in vain. After the strategies, train your mind for a possible change in lifestyle positively and e ready for it.  Your social gathering might change since you would become a new person. You are likely to have accessional setbacks but don’t let them demotivate you. Even if it happens, start the next day afresh.

8. Commitment:

Last but not least, stay committed but never ignore your body signals. Since weight loss means a loss in appetite with bone loss and tissue degeneration, your body likely gets tired immediately. You cannot burn extra calories in a flash, so don’t rush. Keep a check on your body about how it feels to lose weight and what does it signal you. Exercise will increase your cardiac health, which will control blood pressure and possibly sugar as you have cut down sugar intake.  Take stairs when you see an elevator and similarly walk to nearby places. It will take time, but you will see the results.

Reasons to Lose Weight:

Before we move on, let us see why people want to lose weight and how to lose two pounds a week.

1. Sustain a healthy lifestyle:

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 10

Overweight usually brings life-threatening diseases. Obese people potentially have a higher risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Nonetheless, the risk of certain types of cancers is always lurking around to attack if the BMI is higher. Avoiding these diseases is a strong motivator for people to lose weight. Healthy life leads to a longer life span with quality, and you will experience the lovely things life has to offer.

2. Better mental health:

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 11

Many overweight people are socially body shamed. It can create terrible effects on the mind. The thought of not liking oneself can change the eating habits entirely, resulting in higher food consumption. It can even lead to harassment and bullying, which leaves a negative trail behind. To overcome this problem, lose weight. Break all stigmas and be motivated.

3. Less joint problems:

The percentage of obesity has rapidly doubled recently. It may be due to various reasons. The reasons might lead to heredity or purely medical, but it leaves a radical impact on health. It has severe effects, primarily on bones. The layer of fat on the body triggers the pain when bones get weaker. It can promote arthritis in the end, which can leave a person helpless later in life. 

4. Sleep better:

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 12

The diet exclusively reflects how well you sleep. If you have the habit of counting baa black sheep to baa no sheep in less time, you have to lose weight fast. You might eat foods that digest quickly, leaving you hungry again, and thus waking up at midnight does not remain a norm.  Here, the body searches for a quick fix such as starchy and sugary foods to satisfy the needs. Both have adverse and dangerous effects on sleep patterns and quality. Cut down fatty foods to have a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the body will become slim and smart.

5. Reduce stress:

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 13

Studies have found out that stress is reduced if you consume the right food.  A housewife is engrossed in chores, and men work all day at the office which can be stressful as the routine life leads to obesity. Find out the best foods for stress, or eat fruits and vegetables for a healthy meal.

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week?

How to Lose Two Pounds a Week- Best Tricks with 8 Proven Strategies 14

If you want to lose weight the natural and healthy way, opt for a slow and steady pace. Usually, most experts recommend losing no more than two pounds a week, so you stay healthy and become slim. So, how do you achieve the target?

Adjust your energy balance. Losing two pounds a week is not difficult if the course is set right. Budget your calories like money and see the beautiful results.

Further in this article, we will discover different ways to lose weight. Let us discuss the natural ways to achieve the target.


How to lose two pounds a week might seem a mighty question to many, but the answer is straightforward. If you don’t want to invest in medicines and another routine that hinders your day’s progress, the best is to lose weight naturally. Let us tell you how it is done.

Calories and KidsRunning after your child for him/her to finish meals is the ordeal that every parent has to face. We have seen that kids usually run around the vicinity if the meal is not what they wanted. Kids have boundless energy, and why not put it to work. Apart from running around the house, take them to the park and play with them. This way, you can burn 300-400 calories per hour which can be an achievement. Heading to a playground later will help you reach the 500 calorie deficit target.
Fast oftenIt may sound extreme, but fasting loses more pounds than any other activity. When you eat is highly important as to what you eat. Hence, pick a day or two in a week and refrain from eating and drinking. Just see that you don’t overeat when you break the fast, or else all will go in vain.
Walk it outWalking is not a rapid calorie burner but will reduce calories to some extent once incorporated into your daily or weekly plan. Scientific studies state that ten thousand steps reduce 500 calorie count, it might seem significantly less, but once the particular habit is developed, it will help other exercises be better. Walking improves heart health and keeps your muscles active and limber.

The Cleansing Routine:

Many people become lazy if there is no motivation involved. If the go-natural way does not work for you, then read along for the cleansing routine of the body to reach the goals.

Detoxify with lemon and ginger  
People who keep asking about how to lose two pounds a week may not have heard about these ingredients. Both are highly effective for weight loss. Squeeze just half lemon in a warm glass of water and add an inch of grated ginger to it. Ginger contains gingerol, which aids in digestion and controls stomach problems, while lemon gives Vitamin C, which fights free radicals in the body by its antioxidants properties. It can work wonders if combined with exercises.
Honey and cinnamon
Mix a spoonful of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in warm water. Cinnamon will curb cravings while honey increases metabolism. A dash of lime will not only look great but add an aesthetic appeal to it.
Green tea
People go crazy over green tea, which comes in flavors as well. It has antioxidants that suppress the production of free radicals in the body. It burns high calories and aids in digestion too.
Not only rich in flavor, but cranberries also flush out excess water from the body. It combats infections, diseases and controls cholesterol levels. Also, it helps the urinary tract to be clean.
Eat well
Choose fruits and vegetables which are dense in nutrition. High fiber will make you active and healthy. Many foods have low-calorie counts, which makes you feel full throughout the day. The best is to include one or two servings of fruits per meal. It will fill the desire to eat and make the body happy. Also, include a moderate amount of grains. Eat whole grains instead of carbs to cut down the calorie count. Next, limit the processed and fried foods. Avoid junk food at all times and eat home-cooked food.
Water therapy
Nothing is better than water in this world. You cannot quench your water thrust with juices, although they will also benefit. But, what water can do, none will do. Drink adequate water throughout the day. Also, drink a large glass before a meal to eat less and stay energized. Aim for two liters of water per day, and whenever you feel hungry, do take small meals.
The morning cleanse
Many promising rinks are floating around, which guarantees weight loss in a flash. Start your day with a cleansing drink such as a cucumber smoothie or orange juice. At lunch and dinner, skip the starch and eat baked products. Have fish as it is high in protein and gives energy.


Exercise is the best of all. It is done early morning or in the evening before dinner. Different types of exercises simply answer how to lose two pounds a week?

Jog or Run
There is a minor difference between jogging and running. One is slightly running, and the other is done faster at more incredible mph. Both help burn fats as the body sweats a lot which reduces fatty cells. Both are easy to incorporate into daily routine, and they can be done for half an hour or stretched at one hour. If you find your bones and joints hurting, then start jogging on soft surfaces like grass. 
Buy a cycle
Cycling is quite popular among all ages. It is equal to many gyms and fitness centers and is done outdoors. With cycling, you can burn around 260 calories per 30 minutes of cycling. The question of how to lose two pounds a week is answered best here. People who cycle have good overall fitness and have increased insulin levels with reduced risk of heart diseases.  
Weight exercises
Studies reveal that core strengthening exercises not only affect core but lose weight also. It is done when the body muscles contract and form a pack. According to research, even a strict eleven minutes exercise is equal to burning fats twice as fast as regular cycling or jogging would do. Lift weights if you can, but do not lift what you can to lose weight rapidly. It can damage your spine and leave you in bed for months.
People who love water usually jump as they see it. Thirty minutes of swimming will burn 298 calories. Here, children who start swimming at an early age maintain their weight throughout their life. Furthermore, it is softer on joints and makes them even more potent. The best is to join swimming classes whenever you feel so you can stay healthy and socialize.
It is believed to relieve stress. But not only does it do that, additionally, but it also reduces weight. A good thirty minutes of yoga will help you reduce 149 calories in a flash. Also, it helps to make mental and physical health better. It also teaches mind control which helps a lot to improve eating disorders.


Q1.  Which fat should be cut down to reduce weight?

We eat many times of food but never think about its authenticity. All fats and nutrients are not suitable for the body. You need to cut down foods rich in saturated fats to lose weight. It is advised to reduce the butter and fried foods with monounsaturated fats such as fish oil, olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

Q2. If your intake is more at lunch, then should we skip dinner?

Never skip meals if you want to lose weight. It is highly advised to take small portions in a day to be energized and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Skipping meals means losing not only fats but the required nutrients as well. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep you hydrated and complete for a whole day.

Q3. Is it necessary to keep a diary of the daily meals?

If you plan to opt for any weight loss program, then it is wise to jot down each and everything you eat. It will help you to calculate the estimated calorie count and nutrients as intake. Also, it will help you and your doctor understand your eating habits. Once you have your diary, write down the amount of food and drink you consume each day. Be specific as to what you eat, for example, toppings in a salad, sauces, and condiments. Keep track of the tie and with whom you are having meals. With that, also note down your meals after each meal. Keep a log chart similar to what is given below.

How muchWhat kindWhereWhenWithMoodActivity
Two largeDonutsRestaurantAfternoonFriendsTired Talking
One smallFriesHomeDinnerAloneHappyWatching TV

Q4. Can you have meat and chicken if you want to lose weight?

How to lose two pounds a week is easy. You must keep your diet balanced. Have fresh juices with lean meat and chicken. Do not cut down anything at all. The best is to take five to six small meals throughout the day to keep you balanced, furthermore, do not forget to have vegetables and fruits in your diet regularly as fiber is essential.


In this said article, we have discussed all the possible ways to lose weight. These days, both genders are attracted to each other if they have the desired figure. All industries welcome such people who look great, have a glow on face, and have a healthy lifestyle. Sports, which are considered for elites only, are used to lose weight as well.

It is best to opt for a plan which is best suited to your needs. If you go for natural weight loss, then plan appropriately to take time off from the busy schedule of daily life. Look for ways to burn calories at home or outside activities.

Or, if you want to go for exercise then chose a package which suits your body. Do not exaggerate much and tire your body. Too many heavy-weight exercises will no doubt reduce weight but also reduce face glow. Chose for exercise which s easy on your body first hen increases the intensity and timings for a more significant benefit.

Choosing a detox plan is much easier; not only have you got to eat nutritious food, but you also do not at all have to worry about backing out of plans with friends and family. You can enjoy the time with all and have fantastic meals if you have detoxified your body at any time of the day, though it is usually done in the mornings with a power-packed detox drink. It is advised to maintain your weight once you have achieved your goal as the global world is about glam and acceptance in social life.

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