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7 Best Longboards- Selection Criteria and more

Longboard Vs Skateboard

A type of skateboard longer than a conventional skateboard with a wide variety of shapes is known as a longboard. 

Longboards are usually 35-60 inches long and 7-10 inches wider than traditional skateboards. It is a long surfboard. As compared to other skateboards, the best longboards are more stable and have more traction and durability. Its larger wheel size and lower wheel durometers are the reason for its stability. The act of riding on a longboard is known as longboarding. Longboards are the coasting vehicles relatively similar to a skateboard but larger. 

Best longboards are commonly preferred over others and are used for cruising, traveling, and downhill racing.


Best Longboards
7 Best Longboards- Selection Criteria and more 4

There are different styles of riding within longboarding. We can use different boards to do different tasks, such as to cruise campus on the way to class or bomb the gnarliest hill you can find or session a drainage ditch—the riding styles depend on your location place where you live. If you live in a rocky place or somewhere near the mountainous region, you can hit the hills, but you will not bomb too many hills if you live in a flat area. 


Best Longboards
7 Best Longboards- Selection Criteria and more 5

Following are the types of best longboards:

1.     Cruiser longboards

2.     Carver longboards

3.     Freeride longboards

4.     Freestyle longboards

5.     Push longboards

6.     Dance longboards

7.     Downhill longboards etc.


Cruising is rolling along on the road or in the park with friends and enjoying the ride. It is the starting point for beginners. This type of longboard is more simple or basic as compared to other types of longboards. 

Features of cruiser longboards:

  • Top-mounted
  • Pintail shape
  • Smooth, big wheels


Carving is fun, and even the most seasoned pros still love to lay a turnout. The boards generally used are often similar to cruisers. There is a concave part on the top of the boards that keeps your feet securely in place when you lean in either direction. Most cruiser boards are similar to carvers.


These longboards are available in all shapes and sizes and feature somewhat smaller wheels that allow the skater to slide. Sliding is quite similar to drifting in a car. If you lose the grip, the board can turn sideways. Sliding wheels are made of a harder urethane compound that can release when pushed into a slide at speed.

These longboards are available in all shapes and sizes and feature somewhat smaller wheels that allow the skater to slide. A compound called urethane is usually used for wheels of longboards. This hard urethane compound releases when pushed into a slide at speed.


The freestyle is a whole different line. Freestyle longboards are similar to freeride boards, but they are generally trouble-free. The decks usually are not as rigid, and the wheels can cover a more diverse range of hardness (durometer). The style is almost always a drop-through, and the decks can be huge for more space to move around and try tricks.

They also have a similar kicktail like a street skateboard. Freestyle longboarding requires solid balancing skills, body control, and agility in extreme, acrobatic postures. It includes spinning your board around while you jump on and off it in different stances. This type of longboarding is quite dangerous for the body of freestylers as it can cause ankle sprains, strains, and ankle twist and can also affect ankle joints and ligaments 


The push board is a type all on its own. It is not used for anything but distance and commuting. These boards are often so specific that the deck will hit the ground if you turn them like a carver or cruiser. They ride slowly to make for more safe and easy pushing by having a double drop + a drop-through truck mount—the more intense the drop, the easier to push. Wheels are typically medium-sized, and trucks often run narrower to give you space to push without catching the wheel.


Dance boards are quite big enough. This platform gives you a lot of space to spin around, cross your feet, and you can even easily walk on the board. They usually have a kick tail and also have a nose for manuals and shuvits. These boards usually are mostly flat with a little bit of camber. This platform keeps them pre-loaded for tricks while making it natural to move your feet around. Because these are huge, they are also specific to this different style of skating. If you are interested in flatland longboard tricks and only the occasional small hill, then this is the style you’ll want.


Downhill longboards are one of the most technically built and stiffest boards on the market. Most people choose a top-mount for downhill for more control, stronger carve, and comfort. Wheels are usually grippier since you can slide anything with a lot of speed. The grip is the key. The downhill board has several unique shapes and curves, including the very popular “W” This concave style has an extra ridge in the middle for more control and foot placement options. Downhillers may often attach a foot stop to keep the front foot stable. They also often wear speed suits and full-face helmets because road rash and crashing at 70+ MPH is brutal.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

 The few best longboards for beginners are as follow:

  • Lush Longboard Freebyrd Lo-Pro
  • Arbor Fish Pintails
  • Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex 
  • Loaded Basalt Tesseract
  • Arbor Drop Cruiser Flagship 38″
  • Lush Longboards Minnow

This shortlist can help us to decide what type of best longboards can be used by beginners.


Best Longboard Surfboards are:

  • Paragon retro noserider longboard surfboards. 
  • Wavestorm 8′ sunburst graphic longboard surfboard. 
  • Paragon surfboards performance longboard surfboard.
  • Creative army five sugars PU longboard surfboard.
  • Creative army huevo PU longboard surfboard.


the factors that help us to select the right best longboard setup

  1. Riding style
  2. Deck shapes

 There are two general board shapes 

  • Directional 
  • Twin/symmetrical 

3. Longboard style and features

4. Length and wheelbase 

5. Flex

6. Construction

7. Trucks

8. Wheels

9. Bearings

There is a lot more to longboards than meets the eye-everything from the deck’s shape to the wheel bearings affects your ride. Longboards have different shapes and styles. They are quite similar to skateboards, but sizes differ. The best longboards are made with the best constructive idea. They are designed for the comfort of skaters and to make their rides easier and more durable. So, guidance is very important to choose the best longboard for longboarding.


Ø Excellent turning accuracy

Ø Excellent responsiveness

Ø Adjustable baseplate angle of the truck

Ø Durable shock absorbent deck

Ø Excellent wheel clearance

Ø Lightweight

Ø Availability of different sizes


 Longboarding is defined as riding on a longboard skateboard. The longboards are the coasting vehicles. Due to their best constructive material, the best longboards, styles, shapes, wheels, and every single part, help the skaters or riders enjoy their ride and change a simple journey into fun either it’s the hills or the flat area best longboards are best for longboarding.

A longboard is a skateboard, larger than a traditional one, and has a wide variety of shapes. Due to its wheel size, longboards are must faster than other skateboards. Skateboard-like motions and more steps with freestyle longboards and dancing longboards are becoming more popular nowadays.

In 2021, riders choose the best longboards to make their ride more easy, stable, and comfortable. Longboarding is growing and diversifying more and more every year. The main difference between skateboard and longboard is the length. The longboards are longer than skateboards. Best longboards are a better option for you to travel from one place to another with great joy and fun. 

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